The Coppice Outing July 2005

Outside the National Park Centre July 20th 2005

There were 14 of us altogther but they wouldn't all stay together. The outing was a bit touch and go as we were struggling to find a driver for the afternoon. John came up trumps and was able to rearrange his commitments and take us for a ride round. Thank you John it's much appreciated.
Originally we were going to try Kittys' tea room at Aysgarth for a change. When we got there we found that it does not open on Wednesdays.

Plan (B)

We continued on to the falls and into the National Parks car park. As we were unloading the bus a lady that we were familiar with called out from a window of the N.P.building to inform us that the Coppice tea rooms were having electrical work carried out but not to worry as we could still have ice-cream tea or cakes. Phew!

The weather was absolutely glorious and we sat outside. There was shade for anyone who needed it. Mary, Dolly and Dorothy bought cakes to take home with them, (said it would save them baking). They nearly cleared the place out of date and walnut cake.

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[Sycamore Close, Bainbridge]
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The Coppice Outing July 2005
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