Mystery Tour To Reeth 2005

July 8th Sycamore DC outing to Reeth in Swaledale

What a gloriously sunny day we had for our little outing.
Only Liz knew where we were eventually heading for.

We set off from Bainbridge (in a new window) towards Askrigg, climbing steeply out of Askrigg onto the moor road and Askrigg Common. Over Satron Moor, High Oxnop, passing Keartons' Wood on our right, dropping down into Crowtrees and then turning right for Gunnerside.
We all kept trying to guess our final destination but no-one was telling.
We went over the bridge in Gunnerside and on through Low Row , Feetham, Healaugh and finally we arrived. The destination was Reeth on market day.

Natural meadows were at their peak, and the hedgerows were spectacular. Rosa Canina (in a new window) at almost every turn, Elderflowers dripping with heavy blossoms, Vetch, Cow Parsley, Meadow Cranesbill, Sweet Cecily, Knapweed, stately Foxgloves, Plantain, Ragged Robins, Campions, Stitchwort, Ox-eye Daisies, Creeping Time and the Stonecrop clinging confidently to the stone walls. In one area hundreds of Spotted Orchids lined the hedgerow. There were many more flowers just too numerous to mention. I donít think I can remember a better year for plants, birds and wildflowers than this year has been so far.

The Market

Time was against us. It was a bit of a rush to look round the market as some traders were starting to close their stalls.

We descended upon the fruit and veg stalls, much to the proprietor's delight.
Found some gorgeous strawberries that had just been reduced to £1.00 a punnet. Almost everyone bought some.
Mary had a good shop and was able to buy fresh beetroot, cauliflower, melon, tomatoes and strawbs. Frances had some good purchases as well.
Liz was quite delighted at finding a set of long reach screwdrivers for only £1.00 the set. She had been looking for ages. They are for repairing and changing the batteries in Lucy's toys.

After shopping we all piled outside the Cobbles Tea Rooms at the top of the green. Bacon sandwiches tea scones and ice-cream were called for. Food excellent! Service Excellent! Journeyed back through Grinton, Harkerside Moor, Redmire moor and started our drop offs at Carperby and then headed back to Bainbridge.

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[Sycamore Close, Bainbridge]
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Mystery Tour To Reeth 2005
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