Pizzas From Scratch

July 6th SycamoreDC Cookery class

From the outset we decided that we would have a team effort.
Recipe was downloaded from the web TastyBreadPizza and tasks were allocated according to choice.
The domino table was also kept busy for the afternoon.
Jim chopped the onion using the special chopper we purchased a few months ago, it worked really well.
Dorothy, Mary and Dolly sliced all the stotties and bread buns and buttered them.
Mary Johnson chopped all the mushrooms and sliced the tomatoes and the ham with the knife of her choice.

Jim mixed the part that gives the pizzas that extra zing. You make a puree with tomato paste,pure olive oil, minced garlic, fresh ground black pepper and lashings of basil. Dorothy and Angela grated the cheese.

Liz was in charge of kitchen duties which meant making sure I didn't burn the filling and keeping everything washed up, whipping the cream and making sure we finished in time because as always we were working against the clock. Ta! Liz.

Margaret Cotton did a fantastic job of combining all the ingredients onto the pizzas and decorating them.

A little fun was had when we asked Nora and Mary to slice up strawberries for decoration. We omitted to tell them that they were not for the pizzas but to put on the fresh cream meringues they were having with a cup of tea.

After the pizzas were cool enough we sampled them and the verdict was fantastic. Some of our members had never eaten a pizza before.
The remaining pizzas of which there was plenty were wrapped in foil and a paper bag and taken home for everyones tea.

Verdict let's do it again.

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Pizzas From Scratch
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