Lucy 2005

Letter from Lucy

"If I pull this cracker instead of that one first I may dissapoint somebody so I think I'll just sit here and observe".

ďChristmas was fantastic. I got lots of pressies. I liked all the sparkly bits.

I went to the Crown at Hawes for Christmas dinner with all of my friends from the day centre.

My Grandma took me to buy me my first pair of real shoes, and a pair of wellies. Thereís no stopping me now.

I went walking in Swaledale with mummy and auntie Marnie and our dogs and egg sandwiches and then I found some big puddles for my wellies.

Last weekend I went to my friend Shannons 4th birthday party and it was good. Then I was allowed to stay up late and go to a 60th birthday party. I danced a lot and got tired.

The snow is nice but I canít walk in it very well so my daddy has got me a sledge and it is great fun.

I have also managed to slip in a quick visit to my friends Angela and Brian who have said I can come again because I was very good.

Thatís all for now as I have to go to bed. Bye!Ē Love from Lucy xxx

February 2005

This is me being ever so good for my friends Brian and Angela.
I like going to stay there so I play carefully.

Do you like my new dog she plays lots of tunes?
I wonder what Flossie thinks of her. Bye for now.

April 2005

This photo was taken on my latest visit to Woodhall.

I nipped down into the village to see a lady called Mrs Bagnall and she gave me some cake. Yummie

Letter from Lucy

Hello itís me again. Eeh! Time does fly.

When it was Easter I got lots of lovely chocolate eggs but my grandmas egg was the biggest.

Iíve been to Derby to see great uncle Bill. It was his 80th birthday and Iím only 1Ĺ years old.

We had a lovely pub lunch with great uncle Eddie and great auntie Margaret and lots of my cousins. (I didnít realize there were so many of us.)

Iíve also been to another 4th birthday party in Masham (where the black sheep live) and it was great. Lots of toys to play with and a bouncy castle.

Talking of toys my daddy has got me a rocking horse for Easter instead of an egg, arenít I lucky.

Iíve been very busy helping my daddy feeding the hens.

I try to help my mummy in the garden but the flowers keep coming off in my hand and mummy looks so sad.

Iím going walking in Bardale with my auntie Marnie so Iím off for a rest. Bye.

Love Lucy xxxx

June 2005 Letter From Lucy

My Christening!!!

My auntie Marnie has been to America and when she came back she brought me a real American Indians moccasins made from deerskin. They are very comfy so Iím looking after them.

On the 12th of June my mummy put a posh frock on me (she even put one on herself) and I went to church. When we got there I sat right at the front with mummy and Daddy. I had a quick look round and I could see my grandma and auntie Marnie and some more of my friends and relatives.

I thought this is a bit funny. We did a bit of singing and then I was taken to a big stone thingy full of water and the vicar picked me up. She let me play in it and I got wet. Then I thought this is fun and I wet the vicar. We had a good time. Everyone looked very happy.

After church when we went up to Horrobank, I looked in the house and there was lots of food and even more people. I thought, huh we are having a party but itís not my birthday.

I trotted outside and there was a pub in the shed with lots of beer. Everybody was smiling.

Later on when we had eaten the food a big cake was put in front of me with a dog and chickens on it from my auntie Barbara. Ooh! Yummy. Then they gave me a big knife to cut it with but Iím only small and it was too heavy for me so I got some help.

People also gave me lots of presents. Mummy says I canít have them all at the moment as some I have to have when I am a big girl.

I have been paddling in my stream to keep cool and the tadpoles have been nibbling at my toes. Mummy bought me a fishing net so I can catch them. She said if I wait a bit they will turn into tadpoles with four legs and then I can call them frogs.

There are a lot of funny things happen around me that I donít understand yet but when I am two I think I will. By from me
Love Lucy xxxxxx

the end of a perfect day.

Letter from Lucy


It has been quite a while since you heard from me so Iíve got lots to tell you.
I have been to stay with Angela and Brian again.
We walked down to bungalow town (Hawbank) to fly a kite. Angela fried some sausages and put them in my pushchair hood for breakfast if I got hungry, but she got hungry first. I had a great time watching Brian running about trying to get the kite to fly he was funny.

When it was time for my bed I thought about my mummy and daddy and I felt a bit sad and I had to cry.

Angela took me into her office and we found pictures of my mummy and daddy on the computer. She made the pictures big and then did peek-a-boo with them. It was good fun and then I forgot all about crying.

The tadpoles have lost their legs but my mummy was wrong. They are brown toads not green frogs.

My fluffy chickens have turned into hens and eggs come out of their bums. Mummy took my eggs to the show in Askrigg and I won first prize and an egg cup and I had my picture took.

I have been off walking with uncle Mac and auntie Marnie and mummy and Flossie. You can pick blackberries off the bushes if you know where to go and nuts as well. I love blackberries. Yummy!

My mummy smiles at me now in the garden and she lets me work with her cosí I know if a plant is a good plant or a bad one. I only pull the bad ones out.

We have been in the woods looking for fairies but they were shy and didnít come out, but we found some of their clothes and hats and tea plates.

I am now trying to draw pictures of my friends on the walls in my house. Mummy never looks too pleased with my work and keeps trying to wash it off. Adults are strange.
By the way thought Iíd just mention it is my Birthday on the 4th of October and I shall be two.

I think that is enough to be going on with bye.
Love Lucyxxx

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