Lucy 2004

June 2004

Letter From Lucy My Jaunt to Devon

I had a lovely time playing on a big see-saw with Uncle Bryan and paddling in the sea and knocking down my Daddy’s sand castles.

I went to the Eden project and saw some bananas growing (it was very hot inside the dome).

Mummy and Daddy put on my best clothes and took me to tea at Rick Steins and I was a very good girl!!

Love from Lucy Allen.

August 2004

Letter From Lucy

“Hello everybody, I must tell you!

Last month I had to go into hospital for my operation.

Daddy was a bit worried about me and he dropped a tractor on his foot and had to go into hospital himself to be made better. Silly daddy!

I got better much quicker than my daddy has.

My operation was a great success and Flossie (she's my dog you know) is very pleased that I have had my pot taken off so that I cannot bash her anymore.

I am really busy at the moment as I have 24 little fluffy chickens to look after.

Lucy Allen 11 months.

"P.S. I am nearly One."

October 2004

Letter From Lucy

Hello! I am now one.

I had a little party on October the 4th (my official birthday), But I am like the queen and I have two birthdays. So on Saturday I had another one. We had sandwiches and jelly and cake. My Grandma bought me a farm and I got lots of other lovely presents.

On November the 4th, (I heard mummy telling somebody that I wouldn’t understand what mischief night was ha! Ha! ), mummy me and Flossie (that’s my dog you know) auntie Marnie and her dog Tess walked on the Leyburn Shawl. It was lovely and we saw lots of cows. They followed us for a while. Then we went to Sam’s Bistro and I had chicken and chips.

On bonfire night uncle Bryan, auntie Marnie and uncle Mac came and we had lots of sausages and fireworks (oooooh!) Uncle Mac made some parkin and it was yummy. Mummy made bonfire toffee but I didn’t get any.

That’s all for now.

Love Lucy

P.S. I’ve got 3 more teeth.

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Lucy 2004
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