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What is a LinkWord?

A LinkWord is formed by capitalising two or more words and running them together without spaces. Words written this way will automatically link to a page of the same name. If no page exists (yet) the LinkWord will have a question mark next to it which can be clicked to create the page.

These are all LinkWords:

Each capital letter must be followed by at least one lower-case letter and the word mustn't contain numbers. This means that none of the following will work as a LinkWord:

  • NASA (must be a lower case letter after each upper case letter)
  • HereIAm (same problem)
  • Help (only one word)
  • Over60s (no numbers)

If you need to name a page like this, put square brackets round the linking text:

  • [NASA] -> NASA
  • [HereIAm] -> Here I Am
  • [Help] -> Help
  • [Over60s] -> Over 60s

But it's easier for all if you can think of a way to re-word the page name as a real LinkWord.

When the LinkWord is displayed on the web page it will be split up into its component words: Link Word

If you want to write a LinkWord but don't want it to appear as a link (like all the occurences of 'LinkWord' on this page) you can put a ! before the word and it will appear as plain text.

See also: Help

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Link Word
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