Sycamore Day Centre-October Activities

Giant Snails

One of a pair of visitors that came to the Day Centre Shrek and Donkey. Tracy Alderson from Woodhall brought them in, her children Beth and Robin were looking after them for the local school.

A very colourful Pumkin

We made the pumkin early and left it in the day centre sitting room for the following week. Halloween. Unfortunately, the room was so warm that when we came back our pumkin was very, very limp with a droopy mouth.

Dolly and the finished pumkin

Allan Chandler

Allan arriving to play for us. Allan was not feeling too good but gave a very good performance.

Ready and waiting

The Clothesline.

Organised a sale of clothing for residents, day centre clients and the wider community with refreshments.

Art Classes

painting and decorating jewelery boxes, pill boxes, fridge magnets and noddy memorabilia.

Ken and Margaret

Mary and Dolly

Noddy bits

Lemon Meringue pie

this juicy little number was made as a practice run for the Restaurant Extravaganza we are planning for early November.

Stan and Ken Oct 28th

What would we do without these lads. Many thanks for all you do. We have been very busy making the fresh mint sauce (for the roast lamb) made by Ken and apple and blackberry pies made by the rest of us. Ken donated the apples, and Liz donated the blackberries. The pies will go into the freezer until Wednesday am.
I think we are about organised now for next Wednesday. We think there will be about twenty people coming.

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Sycamore Day Centre-October Activities
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