Recycling Scheme For Ink Cartrdges And Mobile Phones

A local Bainbridge resident gave £50 to the scheme as they did not have anything to recycle. Many thanks.

Donít bin! Reuse it!

  • Recycling - How green are you?
  • Do you simply bin things, or do you recycle them?

Currently I hope you take your newspapers, glass, cans and clothes etc. to the recycling skips in Hawes and Askrigg, or that your young children take them to their school's bins.

Have you ever felt a need to get rid of computer cartridges and old mobile phones, and know they will be going to a useful end?

  • Did you know that it is estimated that there are 90 million old mobile phones sitting in drawers in the UK
  • Over 54 million computer cartridges are binned each year, and they
    could earn money and be reused?

Well here is your chance to recycle and raise some money for a good cause. The W.R.V.S needs funds.

  • £1 is raised from each inkjet/laser computer cartridge and
  • £2.50 from a redundant mobile phone.

50% of the money goes to national W R V S funds, and 50% comes back to North Yorkshire Meals on Wheels funds.

How does this concern us?

This area can benefit as in the upper dale a number of elderly people receive meals on wheels twice each week cooked at the Crown Hotel in Hawes and delivered by Margaret Johnson and her team.

In Askrigg & Bainbridge they are cooked at High Hall Residential Home, and delivered by Kate Empsall and her team.

What to do next - Get all your friends, neighbours and your employers to recycle their old mobile phones, laser and inkjet cartridges.

  • DO NOT take toner bottles, ribbon cartridges,
  • Canon BJC/BC! Cartridges, Canon inkjet cartridges,
  • broken cartridges, or re-manufactured inkjet cartridges,

they cannot be recycled in this scheme.

Simply take your cartridges and old phones and drop them in a large BLUE box at either -

  • The Community Office and Resource Centre, The Neukin, Hawes
  • Hawes Post Office
  • Bainbridge Post Office
  • Sykes House, Askrigg

We will empty the bins and post the contents and keep you in touch to let you know how much has been raised for North Yorkshire Meals on Wheels project.

Any problems or ideas contact Ė

  • Margaret Johnson on 667578, or
  • Me Kate Empsall on 650565

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Recycling Scheme For Ink Cartrdges And Mobile Phones
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