Paparazzi Comes To Call

Paparazzi comes to call

These photos were taken on the first of July 2005.
The reason for this is to promote our web site.

In the photo from left to right are Stan Brook (who has his own web pages)
Ida Millin, Councillor Mrs. Peacock and Angela Kershaw by the computer, the web producer.

Ida's son Martin lives in Perth, Western Austrailia
and periodically logs on to see how the rebuilding is progressing here.
Hopefully around November/December this year
all the residents will be moving across into their new flats.
We have just been having a good look at the plans.

Ida is really looking forward to her new flat.

Tables turned on the camera man.
Very high tech. A bit different from my digi camera.

What we would love is to have a photo
of Ida's son Martin sat at his terminal in Austrailia
logging on to

For Martin hope you like the photos!

"I do!"

"Hope you like my photo." Martin

"We do! Ta very much."

Email: info / webmaster

[Sycamore Close, Bainbridge]
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Paparazzi Comes To Call
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Martin and Marion 15-Jul-2005 #8
I do!
Your wish is my command - photos attached. We enjoyed seeing the latest pictures.
Best Wishes to everyone at Sycamore Close.
Martin and Marion Millin, Perth, Western Australia.
P.S.Marion is looking forward to being with you in four week's time!
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