Michelle Mottershead

Michelle Mottershead our Court Manager

Michelle is moving to the area and will start work for Housing 21 on the 5th December.
She will have a thorough induction which will be supported by Michelle George from Lonsdale Court in Penrith.

Michelle has worked for several Housing Associations and has been involved in the opening of an Extra Care Housing Scheme before, so she is very familiar with all the challenges that lie ahead.

Michelle is married to Simon. She has a daughter Megan who is staying in Wakefield until she has finished her GCSEs, a son C.J. who is at the local school in Bainbridge and an older son David who has just presented Michelle and Simon with a beautiful little grandaughter on Boxing day.

Email: info / webmaster

[Sycamore Close, Bainbridge]
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Michelle Mottershead
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christina.carter 10-Feb-2006 #12
I worked with Michelle at Jubilee Ct in March as her deputy, we had a wonderfull relationship and I am pleased to say our friendship continues, Sycamore Hall will have a fantastic Manager, very careing and efficient,
on a lighter note one memory I have is the day we both went to carry out an assessment and as usual we got lost as I was reversing my wheel hub came off and Michelle ran down the road after it==Happy Days!!
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