Mary Johnsons Eggless Flan

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  • Mary Johnsons eggless flan.

This recipe is one Mary made at the Hawes school for over 30 years and it was always a favourite with the children and very inexpensive to make.

The recipe is already on the web but we needed a photograph so we made up the recipe.

We knew we would be working against the clock (more so than usual) as our manager was coming across to see us in the afternoon. The potatoes were boiled and mashed at home the previous night, we used a food processor for the chopping of the onions and bought ready grated cheese.

We made the pastry and lined two flan dishes, roasted the onions and combined all the ingredients together. The flans were filled and decorated then put in the oven to bake. Despite the shortcuts and our manager not being able to come, we were still too late to eat the flan by the time it had cooled from the oven.

Fortunately that evening, I was going to Hawes so I took some flan up to Dorothy who distributed it to the Hawes ladies and on the Friday morning the rest of the flans were reheated and served up for coffee break so no-one missed out.

Verdict very tasty. Jim said the mixture would make a great filling for cheese and onion pasties. Who knows we might try it one of these days.

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Mary Johnsons Eggless Flan
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