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Housing 21

August 2009

Table Top Sale

The table top sale was yet again a great success and we raised just over 100 for the ammenity fund.
Many thanks to Lisa and Simon for all their help in promoting this event.

Ballot - Pets policy

The ballot sheets have now been counted and the policy for this scheme will remain. No pets.
This policy will be reveiwed in two years.

Change of telephone number

Please note the Court Managers office number has now changed to 0370 192 4055


A trip will take place on Wednesday 9th september to Beckindales at Hawes.
The bus will depart at 1.30pm and we will have tea and cake at approximately 2.15pm.
Please submit your names if interested on the notice board.

Progressive Privacy Door

Unfortunately this is still ongoing and I have no further updates from responsive repairs.


All the legalities have now been sorted out.
We are now waiting for NYCC to commence the fitting out of the buggy park.

Domestic Staff

As you know we have recruited 2 new domestics - Hilary Ayling and Maureen Pollard.
We are awaiting for CRB clearance and up until then they are not allowed to do any flat cleaning unaccompanied, therefore, I am aware that many of you are without a cleaning service at the moment. Sincere apologies regarding this inconvenience, but it is for your benefit that everyone who works within Sycamore needs Criminal Records Clearance and our hands are tied until this all comes through.
Many thanks for your patience and understanding in this matter, however, as you will have seen, the communal areas are spick and span as the girls are catching up with those area.

There will also be other disruptions to this cleaning service due to staff annual leave.

Joyce will be away w/c 24th August for 1 week.
The following week Hilary will be away for one week.
Hopefully by September we should be all back to normal.
If in the meantime any of you are really struggling with anything at all,
please do let me know and we will do our utmost to help.

Court Manager

I will be taking 1 week off w/c 31st August

Michelle Mottershead (Court Manager)

September 2007


A lottery grant has now been applied for, to enable us to landscape the garden. Unfortunately we have had no response to volunteers helping us out, so if we are lucky to be awarded any monies I will keep you up to date on any progress of the application.


The trip will take place on the above date. The bus will leave the scheme at 1.00 p.m. and we will have afternoon tea. Prices for tea and more details will go on the notice board in due course.


would like to welcome to Sycamore Hall, Mr Derek Stodart and Mrs Moody. Both are from the area and we wish them every happiness in their new home.


A record of amenity funds will be displayed on notice boards in due course. This will give you monthly information on incomings and outgoings. If anyone has any ideas on fund raising for the Sycamore Hall amenity fund, please let me know.


This will take place on Wednesday 14th November in the restaurant at 5.00 p.m. Please submit your names on notice board and I will get in touch with you shortly for your order and payment. If you could get down to the restaurant before 5.00 p.m. and get seated, we will serve you as soon as we collect the order from the Fish & Chip van.


The official opening will take place this Thursday. Mrs Bowden who was the longest serving resident at Sycamore Close and Mrs Ruby Westwood from High Hall will do the honours of the official opening. After the opening, Bainbridge school children will entertain you with a few of their songs. If residents would like to make their way down to the lounge for about 12.15 p.m. After speeches and opening, lunch will be served at 1.20 p.m.


This will take place in the residents lounge at 2.00 p.m. This meeting is an opportunity to give you information and updates and for tenants to participate and to give their views and opinions. If you have any items for the Agenda, please could you come and see me. As well as all that, it's a nice time to have a chat and a cuppa with your friends and neighbours.


A party has been organised on the above date with entertainment and refreshments

CHRISTMAS PARTY - Wednesday 12th December

Allan Chandler will be visiting again to entertain you for the afternoon followed by a buffet

Christmas Lunch Party

Date to be organised

Court Manager

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