Building From July 2005

Wednesday 27th July

They have now reached the very top in stonework. This is a chimney.

Friday 22nd July

View coming from Countersett road into Bainbridge with High Hall on the left.

this is a good view of the overall size and structure of phase one.

Monday July 18th

It's official
SYCAMORE HALL is the name chosen for the extra care housing scheme being built in Bainbridge.
'Sycamore' from Sycamore Close and 'Hall' from High hall to combine the two old buildings into a superb new complex that will accomodate all.

Friday July 8th

Long distance shot showing half of the roof trusses in situ. It is quite a complicated roof structure.

This is the back wing taken from inside Sycamore Close conservatory.

What a lot of wood.

  • Photos and text Angela Kershaw. Sycamore Day Centre.

Building From August 2005

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Building From July 2005
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