What are plugins?

Plugins provide powerful ways to enhance your pages. They are typed into your pages like normal text, but tell the system to insert something useful, like this:

 <?plugin BackLinks page='Help' ?>

This particular example produces as list of pages which link to the Help page:

These pages link to Help:

(This is great for Category and Topic pages. You can use this to get an automatic in-line listing of pages in the Category or Topic.)

Plugins list

The following plugins exist:


Provides a bullet list of all pages linking to the specified page, or the current page if none specified

 <?plugin BackLinks page=PageName quiet=true ?>


As BackLinks, but inserts page listing as one long line, rather than a bullet list

 <?plugin QuickLinksLinks quiet=true ?>


Inserts the text of another page into the current page. If quiet=true, the page appears to be part of the current page. As well as specifying the source page, you can specify a section within that page, indicated by its heading (all text up to the next heading will be inserted)

 <?plugin IncludePage page='PageName' section='One of the page headings' quiet=true ?>

Technical information

Plugins can take certain named arguments (most do). The values of these arguments can be determined four different ways.

In order of precedence:

  • The plugin invocation can specify the value for an argument, like so:
 <?plugin BackLinks page=OtherPage ?>
  • The argument can be specified via an HTTP query argument. This doesn't happen (is not allowed) unless the argument is mentioned in the plugin invocation:
 <?plugin BackLinks page ?>
  • Default values specified in the plugin invocation:
 <?plugin BackLinks page||=OtherPage ?>
  • The plugin must supply default values for each argument it uses. (The Back Links plugin uses the current page as the default value for the page argument.

No pages link to Plugins.

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