Kershaw Family

This is Brian Kershaw the man with a lot of patience.
Being married to me he needs it.

My eldest son John (in a new window) with his youngest son Tom
and Lauren his daughter.

Lauren Kershaw.

No need to wonder where her hair colouring comes from.

Bethany Kershaw.

Is this a fantastic photo or what? Bethany my eldest grandaughter taken just after
a lively run in with her grandad.

Billy Kershaw One year old.

David and Nicolas' youngest.

This photo is taken at the annual family barbeque.

The Royle family at home.

Peter Kershaw

This is our eldest grandson
who will be fifteen in September.

This is a photo of our second son David
with Billy his youngest son who weighed in at 11lbs.
In this photo he is two days old.

Angela with Lucy Allen my psuedo adopted grandaughter
with a photo of Billy in the background.

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Kershaw Family
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