JB Smithson

J.B. Smithson

This is JB Smithson (in a new window) well known Journalist and Photographer from the Yorkshire Dales.

Taken about 1916.

J.B. had two photographic studios in Leyburn, one in Hawes and several others in and around the Yorkshire Dales.

After he retired to West Burton J.B. and Mr Horace Brook from West Burton had a studio in JB's back yard.

J.B. continued with his love of photography up until his death at the age of 90 in 1938.
This photo advertises JB at the Wensleydale studio, Leyburn. Letters to Craven House West Burton.

JB Smithson and dog outside of back nook in his Jowett.

A modern day photograph of the building (back nook) in which JB had his final photographic studio.

J.B. Smithsons' House

The house on the right with the bay windows is Craven House where Mr Smithson used to live.

This picture has changed very little but the strange shaped tree on the left is no longer there.

John Brown Smithson and his good lady Martha

Out for a spin. What a fantastic way to travel

This is a BSA motorbike and sidecar but I don't know the model. The registration is AJ 2685.

The sidecar lighting is by an acetylene lamp. This worked on the principle of oxy-acetylene gas being generated when water is dripped on to the acetylene powder.The gas produced a very bright light.

A and Bs Motor bike Late 1970s

This photograph brings back memories of my early married life.

This bike did thousands of miles to and from the Yorkshire Dales until our children became too old to fit in the sidecar.

Our motorbike and sidecar was a BSA Golden Flash. Happy days.

Five Wise Men

Ah! Those were the days 1928.

From left to right. J.B.Smithson. Frank Ryder. Kitty Routh. Edward Johnson. I need an identity for the last gentleman on the bench.

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JB Smithson
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