Building From October 2005

October 2005

Big changes have taken place since my last visit.

The roof is completed. The scaffolding has all been taken down but drainage down pipes have still to be fitted.

Concreters, plasterers, electricians and plumbers are all going in and out of the building like a huge army of ants.

Love the extra wide corridors and the large buggy park. (Great for a race track.)

Two things of notice.

  • One how tidy the workmen are.
  • How much lighter than expected the building is.

This photo just does not do the new dining room justice. It is huge bright and cheerful.
The next photo was also taken in part of the dining room.

A complete new slant on communal living.

There won't be any queues here.

Top front flat.

Large light and airy with good views.

One of the new kitchens in a Beech finish.

One thing this photo does not show is how in this scheme the kitchen opening is offset to the lounge. Looks good. Another great feature is a waist level oven and hob. No more bending.

This flat is upstairs and faces out to the road.

The only problem with this flat is that the view is obscured by trees. The branches practically touch the windows.

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Building From October 2005
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