Building From May 2005

Monday May 9th 2005

Taken at the front of the new building(stage 1),
stoned up to the first floor level.

Wednesday 11th May 2005

The floor slabs to the first level are now complete.

View looking back from the Countersett Road.

Friday May 13th

Close up taken at the front of the new building

Friday May 20th

the second floor is moving along well at the moment.

This is the front of the new building rising steadily.

New building has now risen level with the old.
This photo was taken at the back from the hillside.

I got very excited to day when taking photos. A lorry backed up with roof trusses on it. I rushed up and took a couple of photo and then the lorry driver called to me. He said could we please move the new mini-bus as it was blocking the road down to the new garage he was building. OOPS!!

Building From June 2005

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Building From May 2005
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